The Official Moetivs Lion/Crucifix LOGO is Here!

The reason we at MOE decided to incorporate a lion head is because it depicts The Lion of Judah whom is THE MESSIAH!

As stated in: Revelations 5:5 "Do not weep. The Lion which belongs to the tribe of Judah, the root of David has triumphed, and will open the book and break it's seven seals."

The reason we decided to use the crucifix is because it serves as a reminder of what The Messiah did for us. He laid down his life! He was beat, battered and bruised, took 3 spikes, and a crown full of thorns so that we could have life. He died for us! Lets live for Him!  




M.O.E.™ Messiah Over Everything™ Apply it! Live it!



Scotty McGee
Scotty McGee